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Client Recommendations

“Gary’s creative and innovative approach to design has been an inspiration for two of my homes.  He listens to clients carefully and brought new ideas and insights into the designs of my home. A favorite aspect of his work is the mixing of classic modernism, antiques and new materials to create a unique interior.  All aspects of the design were enhanced by Gary’s careful attention to detail from lighting, selecting of materials and placement of furnishings. Gary is a great partner and collaborator for a client and we have become friends as a result of these years of collaboration.”

“I was lucky to find Gary when I bought my first home. He has designed two more over the past 15 years. He has an amazing sense of style and scale. Not only does he create spaces for me that are simple and elegant but also that reflect my personality and taste.”

”Gary is a premier interior decorator and landscape designer with extensive experience. His approach is to create a detailed plan then guide the selection of furniture, art and accessories.  His sense of style and proportion is unparalleled. We have used him to design three homes and have been thrilled with the outcomes.”
Bill & Judy